Rida was born in Milan in 1943. He attended the Brera Academy of Fine Arts and spent nearly ten years in Venice learning and cultivating all knowledge that Murano glass experts could offer. Such a relationship with manufacturers has thus meant unfettered access to unused stock or materials no longer in production making each piece truly unique. Rida’s gift lies in ‘recycling’ materials such as crystal glass into exceptional pieces giving it a new dimension and space within which to exist. His creative pieces invite an intense visual appreciation of what 20th century art has to offer.

A household name in Europe, his first major exposure to the US was at the Donzella 20th Century Gallery in 2010. Rida’s designs and creations not only blurs the boundaries between ‘art’ and ‘craft’, his pieces contrast the notion of functionality versus aesthetics and are all realised with utmost meticulousness and dedication that redefines Italian decorative arts.