MARC CAVELL (1911-1989)

British born Marc Cavell was presented as the leader of kinetic art at the Salon Comparaison in 1971. Having lived most his life in Paris, he went under the guidance of Albert Gleizes who was the founder of Cubism, and established himself within the close-knit community of artists. He worked notably with couturiers Jacques Fath and Elsa Schiaparelli who also collaborated with Picabia, Salvador Dali, Man Ray, Giacometti and Cocteau.  He took advice from Picasso to experiment graphic designs on textiles as well ceramics, which had proven to be a success.

His works have graced the most highly esteemed galleries and salons in Europe, enchanting and fascinating his viewers with precision of geometry, dynamism and color. Having successfully painted with Cezaniennes influences, he explored post cubist methods and experimented with materials, which would serve Cavell to later pioneer the distinctive art of light and movement.

His paintings can be summarized as a celebration of light as a true raw material and movement as an artistic element. Playing on reflections from metallic surfaces through to translucent materials, he gives life to his pieces with sophistication and complexity.

His works have just recently been introduced to Asia, notably Hong Kong and China where they have been received with immense popularity.